What is Life Coaching?

     No one knows you as well as you do.  You know what you want and you have a good idea of how to get it.  So why haven't you? Perhaps you keep repeating the same old pattern hoping that "next time it will work", or perhaps you see the goals as an insurmountable mountain.  Whatever the reason your dreams have remained unachievable, perhaps it's time to hire a coach to help you see the real possibilities.

     Life Coaching is about helping you map out a plan for achieving your future goals.  This includes identifying goals, clarifying goals, recognizing competing goals and helping you achieve goals through intermittent steps that you and I recognize as realistic.  Unlike psychotherapy, which is past-focused, Life Coaching is focused on tomorrow.  As your Life Coach, I will encourage you, hold you accountable, inspire you, and work with you to develop a winning “game plan”.  This includes identifying reliable resources, recommending mentors, evaluating financial investment and navigating negativism – including your own.

Helping to piece your dreams together!

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