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We all have a story.  Many stories consist of multiple paths within an overall journey and your current path has happened upon this particular doorstep.  Mine. 

My name is Shelley Taylor and I am originally from Muskoka, Ontario Canada.  Though I have been counselling individuals for the past 10 years, I have had a very interesting and undulating path that has lead me to where I am today.  Thus, I have an exceptional understanding and insight of those at a “cross roads.” 

Note that I first started out as a music major in the States while working in the mailroom of a world famous minister.  Upon some soul searching, I moved on to the smaller University of Winnipeg and continued my studies.  However, I eventually came to the conclusion that I did not quite have the passion for either the frigid tundra of Winnipeg or a devoted music career.  Upon some further research and reflection, I packed up and pointed my cherished AMC Pacer towards the warmer climate of Los Angeles, CA.

With a fascination of another creative art, jewellery design, I enrolled in an intense course at the Gemological Institute of America, the world renowned academy for professional accreditation of the best jewellers in the world.  I graduated and accepted a job offer to become an instructor for the institute.

I loved my job, but my ultimate goal in jewellery design was remaining unrealized.  So, after three years of living and teaching in congested LA, I decided to set my sights on opening a small jewellery store in the beautiful town of Estes Park, Colorado.  My family had vacationed there when I was a child and I found myself drawn to the area once again.  My experience there was delightful as I designed and sold jewellery to people from all over the world.  

Alas, after four years of enjoying my Colorado adventure, an internal tug to move back home was stirring and could not be ignored.  So, once again, I packed up (a Jeep Cherokee this time) and headed back to my beloved Muskoka.

It was good to be home again, however finding work within my chosen profession proved to be very challenging.  Wow, I had to make another life decision and either move away from my family (again) or change careers.  I decided I had really enjoyed my ten year career in Gemology, but it was more important that I remain in the Muskoka region.

While evaluating my future, I tried various odd jobs from bookkeeping to computer application instruction for a local branch of Career Blazers. While I enjoyed these positions, I felt I was investigating my next path with a "trial by error" attitude that was not exactly getting me there within a reasonable amount of time.  With this awareness, I decided to return to school and begin anew in a field that had naturally fascinated me since childhood: Psychology.  I realized that in addition to my natural interests, most of my career paths had required an exceptional understanding of human psychology. 

Almost 20 years in and I remain fascinated by my professional pursuits in Psychology.  As I obtained my doctoral degree, I hope to continue to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.  My passion for people, evaluating their challenges, helping them overcome their obstacles and collaborating with them in obtaining their goals is a flame that continually fuels my life!

I truly look forward to talking with you and working towards “tayloring” your new life.

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